About Me

Cindy - About Me

 What best describes me as a performer, is my passion for singing and engaging with my audience. People often comment about how my voice moves them and delivers so much more than just a lyric in a song. It’s really important for me to always find a place for my voice to make an impact.

My professional singing really started in 2005, with the release of my debut album ‘Scribe me a note’. Since then I have been busy writing, performing and focusing my talents in a variety of musical spaces. In the years following the release of ‘Scribe me a note’, I had many opportunities to travel and gig with the songs from that album.

After launching my music into the Australian Gospel music scene, I began to seek new opportunities to play in different places. This is where I really began to blend the influence of jazz into my own songs. In 2007, I played at The Botanic Gardens Jazz Twilights program with a bunch of talented musicians. Something happened in that moment, with those songs and that double bass – and I was hooked. I then found myself playing with different musicians all the time and now I also enjoy singing at weddings, parties and corporate events. I even had a chance to sing with Melbourne’s jazz piano master, Bob Sedergreen! I think I learnt more in one night from him than in a whole year of singing lessons!

So, in the years between albums, I find myself in a world of music – where the opportunities to explore are endless! The truth is it takes time to develop and refine your ideas as a musician. You just keep growing!

This new album ‘Some kind of beautiful’ really reflects my heart and is a collection of songs about love and life. The album itself celebrates music and the idea of being beautiful.

Love to all my fans, hope you enjoy it!