CD launch is tonight!

It’s finally arrived…the CD launch date is tonight and I can’t wait! Musos are ready, venue is getting set up as I write and there’s been a lot of tickets already booked. In fact,  thanks to everyone who has pre-booked tickets and secured their seats. For those who haven’t purchased their tickets yet, don’t worry there will be some tickets still available at the door tonight before the show starts at 8PM. So, I hope to see you there!

Cd’s are ready!

Well, the CD’s have arrived! They look and sound amazing! Of course, the question is…can Cindy with-hold them until the launch in 3 weeks time?? Hmmm…we’ll see. Oh…and if you are coming to the CD launch, don’t forget to book your ticket and secure your seat! Tickets are selling faster now that the date is coming closer! Yay…I can’t wait…hope to see you there!

Off to the printers…

Well, it sure is an exciting time. Next week the final mixed tracks will get mastered and then off to the printers they go. That means in just under a few weeks, I’ll have those brand new CD’s right here on my doorstep! It’ll be great to finally say that it’s done and then be able to get them out to all my fans! So, keep checking these posts sometime around mid-September and I’ll let you know when they arrive. Oh…and don’t forget if you are planning to attend the CD launch, you’ll need to book yourself a seat by ringing the Karralyka box office on 9870-2888. I hope to see you there!

CD launch – venue announced

Well, the fliers for the album launch are pretty much all distributed and I’m pleased to say we’ve booked quite a few seats already! Thanks to all those super-quick responses. Just to let you know, we are now in the final stages of finishing the album and shortly we’ll be getting it ready for printing. As the time towards the launch moves steadily on, I’ll be busy organising merchandise and marketing…but still managing a few gigs here and there. I’m thrilled that in a few months, my CD ‘Some kind of beautiful’ will finally be ready for sale! Thanks again to everyone who is supporting my music.

October 9th 2010 – CD launch

It’s been a long time coming and I’m finally pleased to announce that my new CD will be released on 9th October this year! So many of you have been asking questions about how many songs there will be and how the process has been taking place? Let me just say, it’s been an incredible journey of self discovery and I think I understand music in a fresh, new way! I never knew it could take this long to put out some new songs!!

On my new album, ‘Some kind of beautiful’, you’ll be hearing a few jazz songs, a bit of blues and a couple of funky tunes as well! I’m pleased to say they are all originals and have been carefully chosen and crafted – much like a good cup of coffee actually! So, check out the CD launch page and sign up to my mailing list – I hope to hear from you soon or see you at the launch!